About Kiwi Dave

DaveMarch2013 072

Having been in sales for over 40 years I’m proud to say I have only ever dealt with reputable products that I’m proud to put my name to. Kiwi Dave’s range of natural wax products and natural skin care are no exception to this rule.

During this time I’ve travelled Australia and New Zealand extensively, marketing various quality products at home shows, 4xwheel drive shows, caravan-camping shows, fishing shows, farm-field days – up to 40 shows a year, taking me to every capital city and remote region of this outstanding country, and always dealing with a diverse range of people.

To this day I keep contact with past customers, many of whom have become life-long friends, as my outlook to my working life is to enjoy what I do. If I wake up, I smile. Easy to do when you love your product and love dealing with the public!

I believe that my ancestors are watching me, steering me towards integrity and an openness to life and to all the inhabitants (both the 2 legged variety and 4) of this amazing planet. Or as I often tell my customers: It’s a small ball of dirt that we walk on… we’ll meet again. Therefore with this in mind, my motto is always ‘honesty’ ~ sell a genuine quality product, make the client smile, and above all, stay true.

So to my great grandmother (see her picture below) and to all my whanau back in my motherland New Zealand, Arohanui

My Great Grandmother (my Mother's Grandmother)


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