Kiwi Dave’s Amazing Products

Kiaora and a big welcome to Kiwi Dave, purveyor of a range of unique Australian-made  wax products for leather & vinyl goods, all timber and marine surfaces. Our smartly packaged wax products will see you gasping with amazement . Just a simple wipe with a foam sponge to your hungry tired shoes, bags, wallets, leather lounges plus all things related to boating, will bring a gleam to your loved items and a smile to your dial.


Be amazed by the way Kiwi Dave’s leather balsam will restore your much loved items to as good as new!

Kiwi Dave_Leather Balsam 4oz_web

    Leather Lounges and Arm Chairs

Florence Sofa - American Leather                                                                      TMOFSCHARC801

Shoes & Handbags will come up a treat!

Classic Boots                                                                    Red Bag $T2eC16hHJI!E9qSO-RhzBRdUwY)HBw~~60_12

Kiwi Dave’s wax products will  water proof your favourite leather goods, leaving them soft and supple whilst bringing a new lease of life.

Using only natural locally sourced ingredients (no silicones, lanolin, animal fats or petroleum), Kiwi Dave’s range of wax products will rejuvenate, preserve and condition thus prolonging the life of your treasured items.

A quick application of Kiwi Dave’s products will leave your leather goods dry and ready to wear or use in less than a minute!

And it doesn’t stop there… the leather balsam will bring a shine to dull-looking vinyl bags and furniture !

With a Flourish!

With a Flourish! 


Kiwi Dave_Timber Cream 4oz_web

Use Kiwi Dave’s Timber Cream  on all timber surfaces including bench tops, dining tables, coffee tables – after just a few applications you can place your cup of tea, coffee as well as your dinner plate… without leaving that dreaded white heat ring! The Timber Creme waterproofs your chopping boards so that meat juices etc can’t penetrate the wood – simply rinse under hot water.

 Your bench tops, window frames, doors, banisters etc plus new & old or antique furniture will all prosper!


Kiwi Dave_Marine Grade 4oz_web

Being salt-water resistant, Kiwi Dave’s Marine Grade Wax protects and cleans fiberglass, stainless steel, canvass. It also prevents electrolysis.

Quintrex 520 Dory Centre Console 2004 Model

PS Please bare with me as this site is still under construction. Watch this space…


3 comments on “Kiwi Dave’s Amazing Products

  1. Wow you look fantastic . Sent us a sample and I can promote kiwi Dave wax in the salon. Ps can Steve use it on his long hair now…… Love deeann

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